Our    laboratory    focuses  on developing remotely controllable materials via unique nanoengineering for dynamic   cell   engineering

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Lab Recruitment

We are actively recruiting postdoctoral fellows, graduate students, and undergraduate students with specialty in biomedical engineering and biology, biomedical nanomaterial synthesis and functionalization, and nanobiomaterials.

우리 연구실에서는 "나노화학소재 합성 및 기능화", "바이오메디컬공학", "나노바이오소재" 중의 하나의 분야를 중점적으로 연구할 성실하고 열정적인 박사후 연구원, 대학원생 (석박사통합과정), 학부연구생 (3-4학년)을 모집합니다.

Principle Investigator

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Heemin Kang (강희민), Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Department of Materials Science and Engineering

(Department of Biomicrosystem Technology)

Korea University



Congrats on the publications of Sunhong's paper in Advanced Materials (Selected as "Cover Article"), Sunhong and Hyojun's paper in Nano Letters, Sunhong's paper in Advanced Materials (Selected as "Cover Article"), Dr. Thangam's paper in Advanced Functional Materials (Selected as "Front Cover Article"), Hyojun and Gunhyu's paper in Advanced Functional Materials, and Dr. Khatua, Sunhong, and Dr. Shin's paper in Nano Letters, and Yuri and Hyojun's review paper!

Recent Publications

ADMA-32(40)_IFC_finally published cover_

Min S et al; Kang H*Adv. Mater. 32, 2004300 (2020)

*Corresponding author, †First author

1. Min S et al; Kang H*Adv. Mater. (Cover Article, 과학기술정보통신부 우수연구성과 선정(In Press, 2021)

2. Min S, Jeon Y, Jung H et al; Kim Y*, Kang H*, "Independent tuning of nano-ligand frequency and sequences regulates the adhesion and differentiation of stem Cells",

Adv. Mater. (Cover Article) 32, 2004300 (2020)

3. Thangam R et al; Kang H*Adv. Funct. Mater. (In Press, 2021)

4. Min S, Jeon Y, Choi H et al; Kim Y*, Kang H*, "Large and externally positioned ligand-coated nanopatches facilitate the adhesion-dependent regenerative polarization of host macrophages",

Nano Letters 20, 7272–7280 (2020)

5. Choi H, Bae G et al; Kang H* "Remote manipulation of slidable nano-ligand switch regulates the adhesion and regenerative polarization of host macrophages",

Adv. Funct. Mater. 30, 2001446 (2020)

6. Khatua C, Min S†, Jung H†, Shin J† et al; Kang H* “In situ magnetic control of macroscale nano-ligand density regulates the adhesion and differentiation of stem cells”, Nano Letters 20, 4188-96 (2020)

7. Kang H et al., “Immunoregulation of macrophages by dynamic ligand presentation via ligand–cation coordination” Nature Communications 10, 1696 (2019)

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10. Kang H et al., “Remote control of heterodimeric magnetic nanoswitch regulates the  adhesion and differentiation of stem cells”, J. Am. Chem. Soc. 140, 5909−13 (2018) 

Featured in JACS Spotlight, 140, 6185 (2018)

11. Kang H et al., “Magnetic manipulation of reversible nanocaging controls in vivo adhesion and polarization of macrophages”, ACS Nano 12, 5978−94 (2018)

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Featured in Nature, 537, 241 (2016)

16. Kang H et al., "Near-infrared light-controlled regulation of intracellular calcium to modulate macrophage polarization" Biomaterials 178, 681-96 (2018)

17. Kang H et al., “Nanolayered hybrid mediates synergistic ligand delivery and ligation activation for inducing stem cell differentiation and tissue healing”, Biomaterials 149, 14-28 (2017)