4. Dynamic control of nanostructured materials

We utilize various nanostructured materials, such as (A) tuning nanoscale anisotropy in bioactive ligand presentation to dynamically control cell recruitment and function.

We are interested in designing uniquely nanostructured dynamic materials for (B) diverse biomedical applications, such as (C) drug delivery-based stem cell engineering and tissue regeneration.

(A) Tuning nanoscale ligand anisotropy for dynamic cell engineering

Kang et al, Nano Letters (2019)

(B) Nanostructured dynamic materials for diverse biomedical engineering

Image: Nanotech magazine

(C) Nanostructured dynamic materials for controlled molecular or ionic release toward tissue regeneration

Multi-layered tissue regeneration

Kang et al, Science Advances (2016), Featured in Nature

Kang et al, Biomaterials (2017)

Kang et al, Acta Biomaterialia (2018)

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