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Apr, 2020

Dr. Jeong Eun SHIN from Department of Chemical Engineering at University of Minnesota, USA joined the laboratory. Welcome aboard!

May, 2020

Congrats on the publications of Hyojun and Gunhyu's paper in Advanced Functional Materials as well as Dr. Khatua, Sunhong, and Dr. Shin's paper in Nano Letters!

Oct, 2019

Prof. Heemin Kang was selected to receive "The Seoktap Outstanding Lecture Award" from Korea University!

Oct, 2019

Hongchul SHIN from Department of Biotechnology, Sungkyu Lee from Department of Biomedical Engineering, Hyunshik Hong and Yuri Kim from Department of Materials Science and Engineering at Korea University joined the laboratory. Welcome aboard!

Oct, 2019

We are sincerely happy to announce that our students (Hyojun CHOI and Minji KO) were selected to receive "Truth Fellowship" from Korea University for research works in our laboratory! Congratulations!

Oct, 2019


Prof. Kang gave an invited talk at the KU-KIST Convergence Graduate School and will give an invited talk at the Korean Society of Biomaterials.

Jul, 2019

Our paper is published in 2019 J. Am. Chem. Soc. (Young Investigators Virtual Issue)! Congratulations!

Jun, 2019

Hyojun CHOI, Minji KO, Sunhong MIN, and Gunhyu BAE from Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Korea University and Dr. Chandra Khatua from Academy of Scientific and Innovative Research, CSIR joined the laboratory. Welcome aboard!

May, 2019


Prof. Kang is reported in numerous press!

May, 2019


Prof. Kang gave an invited talk at the Korea Institue of Radiological and Medical Sciences, the Korean Institute Science and Technology (KIST), the Korean Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine Society (KTERMS), the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering of Seoul National University, and the Department of Medical Lifescience of Catholic University. 

Apr, 2019

Our first paper at Korea University was published in Nature Communications! Congratulations!

Mar, 2019

Our laboratory was introduced in the College of Engineering News at Korea University!

Mar, 2019

Prof. Heemin Kang joined the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at Korea University as an Assistant Professor.

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