1. Magnetic control of nanoengineered materials

We employ magnetic nanomaterials with tunable chemistry to develop magnetically controllable dynamic materials through dynamic application of external magnetic field.

We recently demonstrated (A) the flexible coupling of bioactive ligand-coated magnetic nanoparticles to material surface and (B) the flexible tethering of magnetic nanocage to ligand-coated non-magnetic nanoparticle in heterodimeric nanostructures for dynamic cell engineering:

(A) Flexible coupling of bioactive ligand-coated magnetic nanoparticles to material surface

In situ magnetic STEM

Kang et al, ACS Nano (2017)

Kang et al, Nano Letters (2017)

(B) Flexible tethering of magnetic nanocage to ligand-coated non-magnetic nanoparticle

Kang et al, J. Am. Chem. Soc (2018), Featured in JACS Spotlights

Kang et al, ACS Nano (2018)

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